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Tips- reducing your printing and photocopy paper costs

Posted on 06 November 2014

Did you know that the costs of using paper in the office can run to 20 times the cost of purchasing the paper in the first place! Yes! Think about it............

For each sheet of paper used, a business incurs not only purchasing costs, but also storage, copying, printing, postage and disposal. This calls for prudent use of paper in the business or simply put 'Think before you Ink!'

Here are some tips on reducing your printing photocopying costs

Print front to back 

    save paperUse the front and back of a piece of paper and cut your paper use and costs in half. Imagine that 20 page document with double spacing, if printed on both sides you have a 10 page document with the same content at half the cost.

    You can achieve this by setting the computer defaults to print the front and back and only print on one side when absolutely necessary.


    When in need of multiple copies of a particular document print it once then make photocopies of the number needed. The cost of printing is greatly higher than that of photocopying, and by photocopying your will not only save on your photocopy paper cost bust as well as on your ink cartridge costs.

    Go paperless

    Reduce the need to print out internal communication and administrative forms by using electronic communication. Internal memos should be communicated through email as well as leave forms, sick day forms and time sheets.

    Proof read soft copy

    It is extremely important to proof read your document before it is printed out, you do not want to be reprinting pages where corrections have to made out.
    Use 'Track Changes' in Microsoft Word to suggest changes to others, this especially important in group efforts and where a team member is assigned the role of proof reader.

    Track personal printing in your business

    Create a system that tracks the individual printing by each staff member periodically say monthly or weekly. These statistics will make each staff member aware of their printing footprint and  go great way in reducing your paper costs.

    Use quality photocopy paper

    The use of quality photocopy paper cannot be gainsaid, use of quality paper will not only reduce your expenses on photocopy paper but also save you on maintenance costs for your printer.

    Use of the above  tips will greatly save you photocopy paper cost and at the end of your financial year you should see the savings once these strategies are employed. Remember 'Think before you Ink!'

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