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Dolphin Stationers Back to School Offer



Get this amazing Back to School offer pack take advantage of our low pricing, deals and tips!

This offer pack is ideal for School Students as it̴Ì incorporates̴Ì_a variety of every day stationery items need for̴Ì_academic̴Ì_excellence̴Ì_in School. Order your̴Ì_Dolphin Stationers ̴Back to School pack on Dolphin Stationers̴_and have it delivered̴_straight̴_to your doorstep!
pack Contains:
  • MS Casio Scientific Calculator
  • A5 and A4 200 pages exercise book
  • 30cm Aim plastic Ruler
  • Helix Oxford Mathematical Set of Instruments
  • A4 3 quire counter book
  • Hb 2 Staedtler pencil with rubber tip
  • Sharpener metalic
  • Rexel paper punch
  • My clear bag

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