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  • Dust Mask - Dolphin Stationers
  • Dust Mask - Dolphin Stationers

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Dust Mask



Dust Mask


  • Size: 50 pieces / box
  • Taiwan Disposable Dust Mask Comfortable for protection against nuisance and non-toxic dusts and powders for all renovation work,cement, weeding, harvesting, cleaning, sanding wood and walls, mowing, cleaning machinery, packaging, working with fiberglass etc.

    Non-woven fabric: Pp non-woven, carbon, filter and needle puched.

    Made with nonpoisonous, non-allergic and non-simulating materials, low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.

    Filtering and adsorbing harmful industrial dust, it can prevent silicosis.

    Adjustable contoured aluminum nose-piece and a soft inner foam nose cushion help to press close to face and increase worker comfort.

    Space structure, so the body has more breathing space.

    With a flexible band: fixed easily, more comfortable and durable.

    Maintenance-free, hygienic, clean, environment friendly. It’s very convenient and practical.

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